Summers Bromwell Moore

Summers Moore loves photography and art. Her passion has turned into "beautiful balance between what I see and what I make." Whether photographing horses and printing them life-size, or building a darkroom in the laundry room, there is no shortage of passion. Summers studied Mass Communication at The University of Denver and has been perusing the arts throughout her entire life. Her passion was fueled by a familial camaraderie with cameras while growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.

My brother and I were always loaded with cameras, be it at a Cubs game or sailing or a cruise to Greenland. It gave us such a rich appreciation for everything.
— Summers

After 10 years of teaching little ones how to ski in Aspen, Summers worked as a vet tech and nourished her love of animals. Kids and family soon followed and there was no way that would not be documented. Two beautiful daughters gave way to a love of portraiture and a budding career was impossible to avoid. This passion has turned into a rewarding career of photography and art.

Summers works with 5Point Film Festival, Bridging Bionics, Aspen Chapel Gallery and teaches at The Art Base in Basalt. She is transforming her barn into more studio space which should be completed this summer.  

If I’m not teaching, I’m learning and giving back.
— Summers

Hasseldogs, a book and portrait project is underway and offers great opportunity for Summers to combine travel, her love of dogs, and portraiture while giving back to the local animal shelter. 

Who knows what’s next but I can’t wait! What an incredible ride!
— Summers