Summers Moore is an artist who searches for truth and meaning in both her photography and fine art.

Within her, photography summers expose the brilliance in nature; human nature, natural light, landscapes, her living subjects. Exploring the technique of photography Summers looks to capture a moment that can conjure a memory or invoke an emotion. Within the lens of her camera, she seeks to capture a truth in her subjects. Whether through the personalities of her portraitures or the characteristics cast by light and shadow.   Painting is a freedom and releases to react to what emerges before her, a survey of texture and mediums with college, graphite, and acrylic. The pure freedom of the blank canvas allows for Summers to release into the art and have an honest dialogue with her medium.As the abstract painters who came before. Summers is still seeking a truth - the truth of her hand. What will appear with each gesture, brush stroke or freeform sketch… These exercises in happenstance and emotion reveal a rawness to investigating texture, color, scale, and relationships.