Summers Moore is an artist, photographer, mentor, and curator living in

Carbondale, Colorado.

Summers began photography at a young age and has always had a camera close by. She has shared her passion for photography with both her brother and father, who are avid photographers. She spent most of her childhood outside of Chicago in Lake Forest, Illinois. Drawn to the mountain, she attended college in Colorado, at The University of Denver. Summers was captivated by the mountains and moved a few hours west to teach skiing, where she currently lives. Summers soon found love, married, and started a family. Herself and her husband built a home on a large ranch surrounded by mountain ranges. She raised her two daughters here and still lives and works from her home studio. When Summers’s two daughters were born she found an in a knack for capturing their expressions of innocence, wonder, and joy.

Unfortunately, while her children were young Summers lost her husband. Summers found solace in the many facets of art after the death of her husband. Since then it has become an integral part of her life. Both in developing her talent and expanding her knowledge. Summers has studied with Emily Soto, Frank Ockenfels, and Keith Carter.

When Summers isn’t taking photos or painting she is dedicating her time to the local arts community. By guest curating photography shows in Aspen or mentoring young artists on a donated school bus equipped as an art classroom. She also holds multiple chairs on art council boards. Including one on the Artbase council as well as a seat on the board of 5point film Festival.

Summers is especially proud of the volunteer work she does each year to produce a magazine for Bridging Bionics. The organization aims to improve the mobility of individuals with neurological impairments through technological advancements.

Finding her voice has been a beautiful transition for Summers. Being able to be a positive role model and create art is a gift in which Summers honors.

You can find Summers most days working in her studio either on a photography project or working on a series of paintings. Summers still finds joy and rejuvenation from the mountains and is an active mountain biker, hiker and skier. Summers continues her art education by attending workshops and traveling. Summers loves animals and will forever have dogs by her side.

Summers works with 5Point Film Festival, Bridging Bionics and teaches at The Art Base in Basalt. She is transforming her barn into more studio space which should be completed this summer.  

Hasseldogs, a book and portrait project is underway and offers great opportunity for Summers to combine travel, her love of dogs, and portraiture while giving back to the local animal shelter. 

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