[ photographer ]

Exoskeletons are a game changer. In a market void of the affirmation “you will walk again,” exoskeletons can provide a new answer. These people show me what it means to have true grit. I am so honored to work with them.

[ photography curator ]

I believe it is imperative for every artist to throw it out to the world and see what the world thinks. To be the Aspen Chapel Gallery Curator is an honor and a privilege. In helping curate new and different forms of photography I expand not only my own photographic visionbut see things that I might not be looking for. I have had a great time nurturing young talent and watching them take off. This year's show will feature color relationships in an entire body of work. 

[ creator + photographer ]

In blending two loves of mine, dogs and photography, Hasseldogs has been created. This monumental endeavor is my first book project. Dogs is a no brainer.  Photographing 1000 pups might take a bit! I use a vintage Hasselblad 500cm camera and the iPhone 6, blending new and old technologies which I really enjoy.