Offering professional studio photography sessions for pets and their owners. Born through a current project called “For The Love of Dogs”, Pet Portraiture is offered to highlight the bond between owners and pets making this distinctive connection immortal through Summers’ lens. The role dogs play in human lives is one of unconditional love and loyalty. These qualities elicit both a beautiful and natural softening effect on humans. Summers Moore captures these qualities through fine art portraitures. "For the Love of Dogs” sessions are available to all dog owners, these portrait sessions give a unique opportunity for treasuring the most intriguing members of the family.


Commissions: Interior Designers, Consultants

Working with design industry professionals and individuals on custom art work, curation, and photography for their interior projects. Working residential and commercial interior projects. Summers has had a history of successful commissions with interiors designers in Aspen for both commercial and residential projects and commissions with art consultants on projects through out the nation.


Collaborations: Summers Moore x (your brand)

Artist collaborations are a way for companies to raise the profile of their brand and the exclusivity of the products. Telling a brand’s unique story through original artwork, emphasis value and customer experience. Summers Moore has collaborated with digital media artists/designers, fashion designers, and on interior design collections.